Friendly creatures lurk in this hidden nook.

Bwana Spoons began this installation many many years ago and it is still in progress because he lives a busy life with his menagerie in Portland, OR. Murals, including chalkboard-painted door and trim, papier-mâché toychest, tinted plaster floor with river rocks, customized cabinet, and lurking Quintopusses. Until he finishes it, my Uncle Anne’s Troll Army will occupy this strange land. Tiara-making supplies are in the drawer.

Stuffed creations by: Creepy Mike: Creepy Mike; Dame Darcy: Bagina & Persimmon; Edward Gorey: bat & cat; Jaina A. Davis: Boy George; Kate Fenker: feathered valentine, starfish, “Bolshevik Donut”; Shannon Jones: pillow; also: Jaina A. Davis: photo block-puzzle; Mari Kono: “Mini-Voyeurs” (slides, mixed media)

Photo above by Kate Fenker