Staircase showcase masterpiece by Jason Mecier.

Jason spent five years applying eleventy-billion pencils to the walls, ceilings, and door frames of the three-story stairwell. He used craft glue, tacks, and fishing line to adhere the various office supplies we gathered from many sources: reuse facilities such as SCRAP and East Bay Center For Creative Reuse, pencil catalogs, strolls through the neighborhood, rummage sales, and enthusiastic donations from around the world. This pencil mosaic masterpiece has been documented in “Nest” magazine, “Weird Homes” Canadian cable TV show, local TV program “Evening Magazine” and an upcoming episode of HGTV’s “Offbeat America!” Scott Owen gave it a “Best of the Bay” Award for “Best Staircase” in 2003. Please sign the guest book at the top of the stairs!

Jenny B. designed the lighting, including a customized fixture on the second floor. As usual, Angelo helped with the electrical aspects. Wendy Allen of Miss Fitt & Co.: Eraser Hat (handmade felt and textiles); Unknown French Artist: pencil-branch creature; Heidi: feathered pencils; Letter from the President of Faber-Castell

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All photos by Anthony Lindsey