Jason Mecier: “Mary Ellen O’Connor Vogel Davis” 2015; Bill Holm: (print); Bwana Spoons: Barf Plate (mixed media); David Goodyke: untitled landscape (watercolors, 2002); Enrique Family Photo; Flower Frankenstein: “The Face of God”; Jim Winters: “Dolly Parton” (silkscreen on wood); Kris Schell, Christine Shields, and Jaina A Davis exquisite corpses: “Mother Shoe Moose” and “”Come To Me” (ink on paper, 2001); Liz Joyce: “Adobe Oven Jaina” (glazed ceramics; 1990), Movie Monster Glasses (mixed media); Marian: fancy plate (mixed media, 2003); Penland craftspersons: various ceramic cups, bowls and plates; Terri Thompson: “Spiderweb,” “Isabel’s” (photographic prints); Tim Hensley: Fish & Fowl plate (glazed ceramics)

All photos by Anthony Lindsey