Adam Ansell designed and applied the wallpaper treatment and did many paintings: “Jan On The Jet-Ski,” “Ray Of Light,” “Whose Turn Is It?,” “Grand Exit,” “Volcano,” “Motorcycle,” and “Blood Popsicle.” Christine Shields: “Opal Whitely,” (oil on wood, 1998); pieces from the “Mission High Yearbook” series: “Bill,” “Boy,” “Finny,” “Chick,” and “Buck.” (acrylic on paper, 2000); Fred Rinne: Xmas ornaments (mixed media); Jaina A. Davis: Granny’s family photo collage; Tim Hensley, Adrian Tomine, Daniel Clowes, and Richard Sala; “Happy Birthday, Jaina!” (ink on paper, 1996); Alice Davis: “DJ Spiral” (color copy of a collage from 1977); Bwana Spoons: “The Wolfies Are Dying” (ink, 1996); Daniel Clowes; page from “Eightball” comics (ink on paper, 19); Joolee Peezley: “Caution Chickens” (photo, 1996); Mari Kono: Bubble Fairy (photo, 1994); Maya Kvetny: self-portrait (acrylics, 1990); Sam Henderson: pages from “Magic Whistle” comics (ink on paper); “Mom” sculpture by somebody at a garage sale. I said, “That looks like my mom!” They said, “That’s MY mom,” and gave it to me. It does look like my mom.

All photos by Anthony Lindsey